We operate as a truly African business that believes in the potential growth of Africa

What We Offer?

Our team of experienced individuals facilitate high impact strategic projects with local communities and large companies with the goal of ensuring investment security, skills transfer and compliance with local government policy.

The company sets itself apart by operating in this niche with its team of individuals with unique skillsets in the area of negotiation, local economic policy and financial expertise.

Industry Expertise

Stakeholder Engagements

Project Management

Strong partnerships

Overview - How We Work

We ACT on our projects. By ACT we mean:

A – Assess: Is it financially viable? Financial due diligence Tax implications Financial sustainability- Is it a long-term or short-term project?

C – Comply: Can we comply with all relevant legislation? Environmental and Safety regulations? Employment regulations? LED regulations i.e BBBEE and Community Participation Goals? Tender specific requirements?

T – Talk: We engage with local stakeholders at all stages of the project.

Our Success Projects

Clairwood Fencing for Fortress Income FundThe infamous “Delangokubona Business Forum” had captured the site and was demanding 30% of the project. The project had been halted for close to 15 months to the point that guns had been pulled out at the contractor and the previous contractor had been physically abused.In terms of the project they did not get the 30% as it was a private project. Once the chief negotiator Phumelela Msomi had concluded a 15 month delay had come to an end and the project was able to reach practical completion for that stage 7 months later and no one was abused and no guns were pulled out.
Ceza Hospital Fencing For KZN Department of Public WorksAfter discussions and deals were made with the local tribal council and councillor the Ceza Business Forum stopped the site citing that they were not involved in the initial negotiations and demanded 30% of the project. The main contractor had not allowed for this and all the profitable items on the bill were at risk of being lost and thus causing the contract to become onerous. The chief negotiator sat down with the contractor and the business forum and reached a solution where a local business would be empowered and the main contractor would not be affected in terms of profitability. Yes, they were not affected in terms of profitability.
Anglo Mine fencingThe local community did not want to work with the team on site and were dragging their feet in terms of production on site compromising practical completion date and driving up costs higher due to the wages for mining communities.Practical completion date was missed by a few days. The project remained profitable and final handover was successful.
De Beers Voorspoed mine fencingThe company ran into this project which was left by another contractor. People had not been paid and conditions for employment had not been finalised. The project had been delayed for close to 5 months.Employment conditions were reached. Staff was paid. A healthy relationship between the mine and the contractor was established.
Oribi Airport Fencing For Msunduzi MunicipalityThe municipality delayed payment for materials on site. The local business forum wanted 30% of the project. The local contractor had no fencing experienceThe project was completed ahead of schedule and with the local contractor having learnt how to do fencing and being equipped with tools and skills to pursue further fencing contracts.

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